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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Needle Felting - first attempts!

L-R :  Me, Sass, Sass

Whilst Sassie was up staying with me she purchased some needle felting bits on one of our outings.  So obviously we had to have a play.  I had a kit that I had purchased at Make It Show at Farnborough, but hadn't really had a proper play.

We decided to try different techniques - although we both started off by using some cake decorating cutter shapes.  Sassie chose a cross, which as you can see ended up a bit lop-sided.  Mind you if you turn it on its side it looks more like a butterfly.  I used a large piece of foam for my felting, whilst Sass had bought a sort of upside down brush to do hers.

Sass then tried just doing felt onto felt with the L and heart - that turned out really well.  In the meantime, having started with a sort of paisley leaf shape for my attempt, I then rolled strands of wool between my hands and did a sort of abstract design - it does actually look better in real life.  I then proceeded to make it into a mini cushion by sandwiching some lambswool between two bits of felt.  It was quite difficult to get the edges to join, and I ended up breaking two of my needles.  Sass then had a go and she broke all three of hers.

So this was as far as we got with our playing.  Needles have now been replenished so we shall try again!


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