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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sassie's first Zentangle!

Whilst Sassie was up with me I showed her how to Zentangle - by jove I think she has got the hang of it!

The picture on the left was her trial run in pencil, coloured with promarkers.  Then another evening we decided to have another play - and look at the magnificent result on the right.  She has definitely got the knack, although I am not to sure of the subject matter as she made it for me.  Obviously thinks of me as the wicked witch!  - you can go off your friends sometimes - good job I love her!  Honestly I haven't got all that many broomsticks - only the one! LOL!  She is definitely hooked!

and unbeknown to her,  I was also creating a doodle for her at the same time, trying out my new coloured micron pens.  Unfortunately the photo shows up my rotten pencil shadows - hey ho!

So basically I have gone right off her - she can Zentangle better than me!  (Only joking Sass, about going off you!  x)  However, she is forgiven as she showed me how to upload photos on to my laptop.  (Heck I am missing my tower machine and my photo editing software that is on it.)


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