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Monday, 23 July 2012

Keepsake Box

Keepsake Box

This is a little peek at a little project that is work in process.  I bought the little wooden box from The Craft Barn a few months ago.  Work on it has been delayed, as I originally wanted it as a little keepsake box for my youngest granddaughter for her Christening!  Now that the sun has at last decided to shine, I have been able to start work on it, so it will be tad late!

I wanted to put her name on it and the inspiration of adding some stick on letters (they came in a Docrafts Goodybag).  Unfortunately the pearlised acrylic paint wouldn't stick to them, so I ended up sanding them a little and getting the top shiny coloured coating off - then the paint stuck.  I thought it would be better to make it look like embossed or "carved" lettering rather than trying to paint each letter and "muck it up"!

I wasn't too sure that the freehand roses were good enough, but the finish is growing on me.  It needs to be varnished yet, and although I have painted the inside, I have decided that I will try and line it with sticky back felt.

Jewellery Box

I am also working on this little box for myself.   This one is cardboard based.  Glad I took a photo as I can see it needs a tad more painting to the base coat before I start adding flowers etc.


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Elaine said...

Stunning work , I love the one stroke painting what a beautiful box Hugs Elaine