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Friday, 13 July 2012

Proud Nanny!

Watercolured Hydrangea

I visited my three youngest granddaughters today for a bit of crafting.  I supervised the making of a christening card and a wedding card - however, you will have to wait to see those in the next couple of days as what I wanted to share with you was this watercolouring from my 5yr old granddaughter.

I bought her some Lyra Aqua Crayons for her birthday back in May, and she has patiently waited for me to show her how to use them, as her Dad said for the first time using them she had to wait for me to show her.  I also bought her some koi waterbrushes, a neat little palette with a lid for scribbling into to mix her colours and some watercolour paper, as well as printing off a few images that she could use to colour.

Well I talked her through how to get shading and to blend colours.  Her mum was thrilled as hydrangeas are her favourite flowers.

Well what can I say - she is a fast learner - and this is her very first watercoloured image - no practising - just straight in and at it.  I am so proud of her.  Wish I had had somebody to tell me how to watercolour when I was her age or even in my teens, instead of waiting to learn how to do it until my 60s!

Of course the 3 yr old also wanted to paint, and although she wasn't as neat about keeping in the lines as her sister, she learned to use the special crayons, and the great thing was there was no mess to clear up or a paintbox to wash out! LOL!  It won't be long before she catches her sister up; and heaven help me when the baby catches them up!

I can see that I shall have to save up and buy her some promarkers in the very near future, because if this is what she can achieve with water colours on Rey & Graphics paper, what is she going to achieve with promarkers once I have shown her how to use them!  (Mind you might have to hide promarkers from her Dad as he got an "A" in graphic design at school !!!!)

After she had painted this image, I showed her different effects on the water colour paper, and her Dad is going to print of some images onto that for her to try, and then she did a free-hand painting of the vase of flowers on the dining table.  Didn't take a piccie of that as it wasn't finished - but put it like this - wish I could paint like that! 


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