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Saturday, 7 July 2012

sneaky peek

I have been working on my youngest granddaughter's christening cake for next week.  The weather has not been good for icing these past few weeks, but tiz finished now.  Just got to do some decoration to a bought plain sponge to go with it.

I shall take a better photo outside if we get some sunshine, or on the day.  This was taken after I had just finished it, thus the "elegant" turntable shot!

My D-i-l chose the design, which was a mix of ideas from a couple of cakes from a couple of my cake decorating magazines.  She also bought the ribbon and lace for it.

Cake is Royal Iced in ivory with white embroidery, and I made the sugar roses to go on it.   The original designs had more roses, but we decided that was slightly OTT, and went with the less is more look.

For those of you wondering why we have a two-tiered Christening Cake - well  I re-iced the top two tiers of my son's wedding cake.

Hope you like it.


1 comment:

Kay Carley said...

This is just gorgeous!! You are soooooooo clever!!

Yes I will be taking it easy - I've got a date with the TV tomorrow afternoon to watch Andy Murray at Wimbledon's final. C'mon Andy!!! xx