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Monday, 13 August 2012

A Paint Fusion Lesson

We christened my new "den" with a paint fusion session on Friday and I taught young Beth how to paint a few flowers.

This was the little heart shaped plaque that she painted for her Mum.  She painted the background, and the daisy.  I helped her with the leaves.

She couldn't quite manage the rose, so I painted that for her on the reverse side.

I then painted a candle for her to take back to her mum.  The colours were actually a tad more vibrant, but I took the photo out in the garden at night!

and this is Sass and her step-daughter Beth in the den with Beth painting the background colour on the heart.  Note the red necklace she is wearing - I taught her how to make that earlier in the week, and she wore it every day!  (it is basically french knitting technique on a little "machine" I have - she learned very quickly and was absolutely thrilled to have made it herself!).

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