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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Another paint fusion lesson ...

..... this time with two of the grandchildren.

My son called in yesterday with his two eldest girls, and as they saw my painting stuff (or should that be mess) on the table in my Den, of course they wanted to paint.  So I decided to show them some simple one-stroke painting, without the aid of stamps!

They did really well, both painted a daisy, some blackberries and a swirly rose, and the older one painted a rose with my help. 

The 6 yr old's work is bottom left and the 3 yr old's is bottom right.  The 6 yr old also wanted to learn to paint a couple of flowers in my garden, thus my quick attempts on top left (although I never got to put a centre in the middle of the clematis!).   Sheena would be proud of them, they got the "scoop, scoop, smoosh" down to a fine art!

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