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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Playing in the Den! (Altered Art)

As some of you may know I had a mega fall last Sunday, and ended up in A&E.  Apart from bashing my head, bashing in my face (caused by glasses breaking), damaging my knees etc.  I was very lucky, and I am ok, although I had instructions to take it very easy for five days because of the head injury and worst of all because of the stitches wasn't allowed to wash my hair for a week!  I won't scare you with a photo but leave it to your imagination of what a face looks like when it has hit concrete!  50 shades of purple!
Heck I was so bored, as couldn't see without my glasses.   My eldest granddaughter came over on Friday and we played in the den.  Initially whilst she played I just coated some items with "background" paint ready for fusioning when I had my new glasses.  I then got a bit braver and tried some simple altered art:

This was a little canvas (about 4" square) that I had prepared with gesso some time ago.  I used modelling medium mixed with various acrylic paints and applied it with a palette knife to create a sort of scene.  I then added some little painted wooden shapes, and a touch of flitter flakes.
My granddaughter said it was "Nood" - naff but quite good!  As I didn't have my glasses I called it blind biddy's sunset!

Meanwhile this is one of the projects my granddaughter did (other one is work in progress at the moment):

As you can probably recognise this started off as an empty box of after dinner mints.  She coated it with modelling medium and created the pattern with an old plastic knife.  Originally it she painted it purple, but decided that the little ornaments didn't show up, so she overpainted it with linen coloured paint to allow some of the purple to show through.  She then stuck on her painted wooden embellishments, and painted the butterfly trails on it.
A different view of the box top showing some of the textured painted side.
Thanks for dropping by.  I now have my prescription reading glasses so can get on with some crafting, although I have got to wait for my bifocals - so not allowed out alone or drive until they arrive - hopefully next week! 

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