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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Blue Agate Necklace and Burgundy and white bracelet

Blue Agate Necklace

Burgundy and White Bracelet
I was lucky enough to go to the Big Bead Show at Sandown yesterday with my daughter and granddaughter.   We love this show, which occurs twice a year.  Sandown is a great venue.  It is so lovely to be able to view beads, stones, etc in "the flesh" so to speak and to touch them!   You just can't get the same impression of what they are like from a picture on the net.
I had been searching for blue stones for a necklace for a birthday gift, and at first I couldn't find what I was looking for, but a second "sweep" of the stalls, and I came across these absolutely scrumptious ones.
I also found a stall that was selling shamballa style beads at a very reasonable price, and they also had some square beads, which were a little more expensive, but the sample bracelets looked fab, so I treated myself to a couple - the burgundy one above, and also a white diamante one, which I think I am going to do that as a feature bead with black haematite beads.  Mind you a pal did say they would look good threaded on ribbon as a choker necklace! decisions, decisions!
I made this bracelet to go with the burgundy banded agate necklace I made the other week.
They also had square beads that had a hole at the corner so when they were threaded on the cord, the were "diamond" shaped, if you get my drift.
Mind you got slightly "miffed" with my granddaughter, just as we were ready to come home,  she saw some alphabet beads she needed (she had got down to the letters you rarely use).  She had run out of her own cash, and her mum had also run out of ready cash - so as the beads were 20% off, good old Nanny treated her!  No problem there so why was I miffed - she went and paid and got given a "freebie" of a kit of beads!  Blonde hair, and blue eyes reign again!  I suggested that they should be mine - or at least share - she refused!  dratted child!  I love her really, and hopefully she will bring them round to make stuff at my house!  :-)

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