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Monday, 15 October 2012

Upcycled Flower Pot

I needed to repot a couple of small christmas cactus.  I raided the spare pots in the greenhouse and found a plastic one of right size, which I washed and proceeded to give a makeover.  I added some texturing medium to my chosen colour of acrylic paint, to ensure that the paint adhered better.  Although it was sunny, I speeded up the drying process with my heat gun, and then gave it another coat of just acrylic paint, again drying speeded up with the help of my heat gun!  (I did cheat slightly and only painted the top of the inside - as the lower parts were going to be covered by soil!)
I then paint leaves randomly all over it, and then added some roses.  A couple of hours later I was able to pot up the cactus ......

potted up
.... and finally the cactus in situ in lounge, in their hanging "basket/dish"  - that looks better than the two little red plastic pots perched in the dish! 
In situ

Thanks for popping by - hope it has given people some inspiration!

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