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Friday, 23 November 2012

Bracelets and Bookmark

A selection of Shamballa style bracelets that I have made this week

These two are my own design with square diamanté beads and hematite beads.
and a little bookmark (it should have been a little angel on the bottom, but I seem to have run our of wings!

I have made boxes for all of them - think the boxes took longer to make than the bracelets!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Blue Hearts

 A little wall hanging I created paint fusion style.  Hung on two coloured ribbons (green and blue) to match the pearlised backing on the hearts.   I decided the easiest way to add the hearts to the ribbon was to use brads.  As there was four layers of ribbon altogether I used my fusion embroider soldering iron to fuse the layers together.  It also enabled me to get a neat fusioned point to the base of the ribbons.
It is going to be a Christmas pressie - but can I bear to part with it?  I rather like the finished look.  (p.s. all the hearts are same colour - the flash has made them look different!)

guardian angel

after the last post, I suddenly realised that my angel charm had the wings on upside down - oops - it was more of a little "doll" charm.  Fortunately I realised before it gave it to the recipient and quickly remade it properly!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Bracelets and a Key Charm

A couple of bracelets that a friend ordered - first one traditional shamballa style with white beads and hematite beads

Secnd one is mainly hematite beads with a square white diamante bead in the middle.  The boxes to longer to make than the bracelets!
and as a little thank you I made this little guardian angel keycharm for her.  Realised the "wings" were  upside down, so am now calling this a "doll" charm!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lest we forget

A little memory page of my husband's grandfather and father that I made whilst watching the service from the Royal Albert Hall last night.
The background is created from a photo of Sydney's grave in France, which I have faded out slightly.  Bottom left is picture of the top of his grave, next to that is photo of the "Dead Man's Penny" which was given to widows of those who died in WW1.   
We had no photos of Sydney and knew little about him except his name.  This photo actually came from a descendant of his brother that lives in New Zealand!
Ron's photo was taken in India and I have included a photo of his medals (unfortunately one of them is missing, although we have the ribbon).  
Sydney was killed in action in France, but Ron was invalided out (he was a Colour Sergeant with the Buffs) he died a few years after the war as a result of his wounds.
I proably could have done a lot more with this page, but it was only quick.  Will try harder next year!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Fun of the Fair!

I was really miffed today, I had been looking forward to going into town for the annual steam fair - the real old fashioned type!  I developed a really painful neck last night for no apparent reason, and spent a really rough nigh;t and this morning I could barely walk without it having me screaming with pain!  (some sort of trapped nerve I think).
It is a tradition that my daughter, grandaughter and I ride the gallopers (carousel) when the fair visits at Octoer half-term, but I knew there was no way I would be able to climb up onto the horses!
Anyway I asked my daughter to take some pictures for me.  As you can see you from this sample of the ones she took - the girl did good!  So this evening I had a little play and came up with this memory page!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Black and White

A simple DL card today.  Black pearlised cardstock, some simple embellishments
 and a sparkly black brad.

Another one off the Bucket List!

Have had a lovely day today with my son and family visiting Sheffield Park Gardens.   I have never been there before.  Have wanted to go for years, in particular to see the "Autumn Colours".  I took over a hundred photos, and this is a little memory page I put together quickly tonight in CAP2.   It was very difficult choosing which photos to include.

Even the background is made up from a couple of photos I took of leaves on the ground!
and here are a few other photos of the many I took,
view across one of the lakes

fascinating bark

love the variations in the colours

and as a friend once said - don't forget to look up - this would make a fab background for a layout


PS:   Following a suggestion, I have today entered my layout on a challenge.  Never entered a challenge before.   It was a new site that was mentioned, and has challenges for both digi and paper scrapbooking.

They also have one for cards too if anybody is into challenges: