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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lest we forget

A little memory page of my husband's grandfather and father that I made whilst watching the service from the Royal Albert Hall last night.
The background is created from a photo of Sydney's grave in France, which I have faded out slightly.  Bottom left is picture of the top of his grave, next to that is photo of the "Dead Man's Penny" which was given to widows of those who died in WW1.   
We had no photos of Sydney and knew little about him except his name.  This photo actually came from a descendant of his brother that lives in New Zealand!
Ron's photo was taken in India and I have included a photo of his medals (unfortunately one of them is missing, although we have the ribbon).  
Sydney was killed in action in France, but Ron was invalided out (he was a Colour Sergeant with the Buffs) he died a few years after the war as a result of his wounds.
I proably could have done a lot more with this page, but it was only quick.  Will try harder next year!

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