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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Fantasy Painting

At last I have got around to trying out my Pebeo Fantasy and Moon paints.  Only had them a few months!  

I did have a teeny tiny play when I first got themto see their effect on a bit of card, although the intention was to use them on jewellery, as that was what the demonstrator at the Bead Show was doing......... and then Sheena Douglas brought out a range of them and some stamps to go with them.  Naturally I bought the stamps, but not the paints as I had already got the two starter sets.  I then had to find somewhere that sold the tubes of liner - fortunately I found a place fairly local to us that stocked them.  So I was all set to go and then what happened? - Christmas!

Anyway here is my first serious attempt using one of Sheena's stamps and the imitation lead liner on pearlised card.

I used Turquoise Fantasy Moon for the flowers, and got a bit adventurous and added some Eggshell White from the Fantasy Prisme collection, with Apricot (Moon) for the centres.  The leaves were done with Emerald (Prisme).  The outline is the Imitation Lead liner.  

The outline done before adding the paint

It is a fairly easy technique to apply the paint (having first given the paints a good stir) - you just apply with the end of a cocktail stick and drip the paint in and then move it around to fill the outlines.

This show the effect whilst paint still wet

The finished  project - dried.

I really love the effect.  I am a great fan of Moorcraft pottery - and this is a very similar effect.  So now I am looking for other things I can paint over the summer with a view to more handmade Christmas gifts.  The paint is suitable for all surfaces - so it is going to be fun finding items to paint.

Finally I did try another stamp and a slightly different technique of just painting on the paint, but as you can see the effect wasn't as good, (and I don't think I stirred the paint enough either!).  I used pale gold liner for this one.  It did start off with more paint in the petals, but I couldn't see the detail of the lines in the flower, so removed some with a brush.  It pays to experiment - as I shan't do it this way again - I shall go back to using the cocktail stick and getting a better "enamelled" finish.  (However, I might experiment with some glossy accents over the top of this one in the meantime!)

Using a paint brush to apply the paint.

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