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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Joint 50th Birthday Cake

This week sees the 50th birthdays of my best craft pal and her husband. They are coming up to join us tomorrow for a few days and we shall be celebrating later in the week with them, my family and some other mutual friends who live locally.  (It was easier for them to come up here than the rest of us to go down there!)

Needless to say I was booked to make the joint birthday cake, and below are a few views of the cake.  (hopefully if we get some decent weather I can take some better photos).  

The request was for a rich fruit cake to my special recipe. Favourite colour: blue.  Favourite flower: Lily.   Being a joint birthday cake, I couldn't make it too pretty pretty.  

Those of my followers who know Sassie, will know the standing joke that she doesn't travel by broomstick but by dyson - so a dyson had to be on the cake!  Her husband is also a keen motorcyclist (and in fact Sassie used to ride a motorbike - I believe they originally met each other through bike racing!) so that as a must too.

Sassie is a crafter and has many hobbies, so I wanted to try and reflect her hobbies in the cake too.  Thus the little daisy to represent her needle felted and paper flowers, the swathe of material for her sewing, and brush embroidery and embroidery to represent another aspect.

As to the Lily - I took a bit of artistic licence with the blue colour!   The little dyson was in fact a doll's house item, and was purple - so that was painted with promarkers and H20s and then varnished with edible glaze to make it safe to put on the cake.

The cake was made in an oval tin, but placed toward the back of a circular board to accommodate the motorbike.

The Cake

side view of cake

close up for lily

names and a close up of a little of the embroidery and textured "material"


top of cake

hopefully you can see a bit of the embroidery on this one if you click on it

Sassie and Ian have seen a photo - hope they like the cake when they see it in real life and can appreciate all the little nuances.  I can vouch for the actual cake, as when I levelled the top, I had to taste the cake to ensure that it was up to scratch!  It was! - do I really have to give it to them, can't I eat it all myself?  LOL!

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Carol said...

Fabulous cake Mags and a Happy Birthday to the lucky pair - they're going to love the cake. Carol x