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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Knitted fluffy scarf and a rainbow cake!

Last week we went to Farnborough to the Make It Show - my daughter, her 11 yr old daughter and my son's eldest daughter who is rising 7.  It was second eldest's first visit to a Craft Show, although her cousin has been a few times.

We had a lovely day out, and spent loads of money.  One of the stalls has some lovely wool, and some scarves made up - we all agreed that one particular scarf would look great on my daughter-in-law.  So No. 2 granddaughter chose the wool, and I knitted it.  (yes me knitting!).  Was really pleased with how it was going in the evening - but as I had no pattern I had to get some idea of the number of stitches I required from various sites on the web!  Most seemed to work with 10 stitiches - erm yes well I knitted this nice collar!  So on Sunday it was unravel and start again!   I had nearly finished it by time I had to go out for youngest granddaughter's first birthday - 1so I sat quietly in the corner at the birthday tea and finished it, so that I could leave it with my daughter-in-law.  It was really scrumptious wool, although a bit like knitting with a lump of fleece! 

I thought I would also share some pictures of the cake my daughter-in-law made for her youngest daughter's 1st birthday as you will see from the second pictures it was a rainbow cake with a ganache filling and coating, and rainbow butterflies.

slices were rather huge!

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