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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Wet Felting

Well I have had such fun tonight.  My daughter and I went on a wet felting course.  (Originally I wasn't going to go - but the numbers were down a tad the other week, so I said I would help make them up - am I glad I went!).

We learned how to make a little bowl:

the pot

When we had completed these we did a bit of needle felting and made eggs:

pot and matching egg

As I had already been on the felting course, I just made one egg tonight, but I decided I wanted to make a little flower to go on the bowl - so did a quick free-form flower.  Jay our tutor was really impressed!  (I actually need to finish "needling" the flower - I think I may then wash it to turn it into a wet felt addition, before "needling" it on to the pot.

pot, egg and flower

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Fiona C said...

Gorgeous Mags! I NEED to learn how to do this!! x