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Monday, 22 April 2013


I showed a couple of bracelets that I had made to my pals on F/B and two of them asked me to make them some.  So here they are - hope they fit ok as made them to the measurements of their wrists that they gave me.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Altered Art and Upcycling - something completely different!

front of finished vase

I had the opportunity to go on a Paverpol workshop last night with my daughter which was organised by the Make-Horsham Craft Project, and oh WOW what can I say - I had a fabulous evening.  I am hooked!
Basically paverpol is a pva based liquid, which when set hard is frost proof.  You dip various natural materials (anything except plastic) into the liquid and then apply to whatever shape you have chosen.  I decided rather than using an old vase I would upcycle on old coffee jar:
the starting point - and old coffee jar

The materials used for my vase, were t-shirt material, cotton dishcloth, knitted cotton scrim, rickrack, some bits of pattern silk material, and an embroidery lily flower cut from another pieces of silk, and a few glass nuggets.
How it looked when we had finished the workshop

This morning when it had turned black was completely dry on the outside I used some gilding wax, in silver and two shades of gold on my fingers and highlighted the materials.  It will be rock hard in a couple of weeks, and will be frost proof.  I shall also varnish it eventually.  (In the meantime if I decide a don't like the colour, I could overpaint it with acrylic paint.
The next three pictures are different views of the vase:
one of the sides

the other side

the back

and here are another couple of examples prior to finishing (as you can see it looked a lot greyer before it dried)   :
my daughter's vase - also from a coffee jar

a vase from the lady sitting next to my daughter
(in the background you can see some of the examples done by our tutor)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Judy's Card

I was experimenting with a tutorial for making scalloped edges in CAP.  Having succeeded in creating two scalloped squares, I then tried some effects on them.  I was pleased with the result so then proceeded to use them and create a card for my goddaughter!
So my homework (as my friends in the CAPpers facebook page call it - sounds better than saying you are playing) turned into something useful!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Thank You Dentist!

front of card
I had a major panic last night, when I broke the root on one of my front teeth.   The tooth was one with a crown on - crown was still attached, but tooth was waving in the breeze!  Could barely talk, let alone drink and definitely couldn't eat.
I rang the on-call number for the surgery, and eventually the oncall dentist got back to me this morning with apologies for not ringing earlier as he hadn't checked his phone last night (first oncall message he had received in 20 years !!!!).  He was in London and hadn't got his keys with him, and would be back in the area until ater 2pm - so he rang the senior partner Gary to arrange to collect surgery keys from him, and Gary immediately rang me and arranged for me to meet him at the surgery.
So before either of us had had breakfast this morning - my tooth was taken out (i.e. rest of root broken) root sorted and the crown refixed temporarily, until Monday when I will have to have it added to the one tooth already on my denture!
We laughed and laughed whilst I was there, and he was saying he wasn't used to finding all the tools etc that he need on his own, and that he would get it in the neck from his nurse!  
I wanted to do a little thankyou card for his trouble - so CAP2 met Andy Carolan's Card Toonz Professional Nuttyness cd.  So apt that the dentist was the octopus - with him having to do everything himself!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Black and Silver

I am gradually getting to play with my purchases from Sandown.  These are two elasticated bracelets.
The one on the left is made from six-sided interlocking beads and black faceted glass beads.  The one on the right again uses the faceted beads, with some pave beads with a central feature.  (Don't know what you would call it not really a bead - but it is gorgeous.  I had to buy two of those!)
They both look very classy on and can see the one on the right becoming the "in" fashion.

Monday, 8 April 2013

A selection of Jewellery

What a dreadful blogger am I - nothing from me for ages, then three postings in one day!
a selection of gifts - a necklace with optional danglers, and a little guardian angel mobile phone/key charm

I would normally make a box, but with postage costs, I decided to keep the depth of the
parcel to a minimum, and created the top of the little package in CAP2

back of the packaging

On Saturday, my daughter, eldest grandaughter and I went to the Big Bead Show.   Saw a lot of smashing inspirational ideas, and this was the bracelet I made on returning home.  (there will be more when I get around to playing!)

a flower shamballa style bracelet
and I will even own up and share a picture of the "stash I bought at the show.  (Some if it is to make more of the bracelets I shared in an earlier post, as some friends asked me to make them one.)

My stash
These didn't show up well on the stash photo - some gorgeous links that I bought!

a selection of recent cards

The title says it all really - most of these have been created in Craft Artist 2, apart from the Iris card which was stamped, using one of Sheena's stamps.
Easter Cards

image printed out twice and decoupaged

the background was supposed to be a self-coloured trellis, but something went wrong,
but I rather liked the "wonky background"  (main image from Froufrou)

Touchy feely card for elderly blind aunt
using the Party Paws digikit

insert for Connie's card

Revamped Felted Egg

I decided that the "faberge" look egg needed a bit more added to it.  So I sewed some seed beads into flowers and stuck those on to the felt, then added a few pearl and diamante gems.