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Monday, 8 April 2013

A selection of Jewellery

What a dreadful blogger am I - nothing from me for ages, then three postings in one day!
a selection of gifts - a necklace with optional danglers, and a little guardian angel mobile phone/key charm

I would normally make a box, but with postage costs, I decided to keep the depth of the
parcel to a minimum, and created the top of the little package in CAP2

back of the packaging

On Saturday, my daughter, eldest grandaughter and I went to the Big Bead Show.   Saw a lot of smashing inspirational ideas, and this was the bracelet I made on returning home.  (there will be more when I get around to playing!)

a flower shamballa style bracelet
and I will even own up and share a picture of the "stash I bought at the show.  (Some if it is to make more of the bracelets I shared in an earlier post, as some friends asked me to make them one.)

My stash
These didn't show up well on the stash photo - some gorgeous links that I bought!

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