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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Thank You Dentist!

front of card
I had a major panic last night, when I broke the root on one of my front teeth.   The tooth was one with a crown on - crown was still attached, but tooth was waving in the breeze!  Could barely talk, let alone drink and definitely couldn't eat.
I rang the on-call number for the surgery, and eventually the oncall dentist got back to me this morning with apologies for not ringing earlier as he hadn't checked his phone last night (first oncall message he had received in 20 years !!!!).  He was in London and hadn't got his keys with him, and would be back in the area until ater 2pm - so he rang the senior partner Gary to arrange to collect surgery keys from him, and Gary immediately rang me and arranged for me to meet him at the surgery.
So before either of us had had breakfast this morning - my tooth was taken out (i.e. rest of root broken) root sorted and the crown refixed temporarily, until Monday when I will have to have it added to the one tooth already on my denture!
We laughed and laughed whilst I was there, and he was saying he wasn't used to finding all the tools etc that he need on his own, and that he would get it in the neck from his nurse!  
I wanted to do a little thankyou card for his trouble - so CAP2 met Andy Carolan's Card Toonz Professional Nuttyness cd.  So apt that the dentist was the octopus - with him having to do everything himself!

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