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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Wrinklies Card

I used the new Wrinklies cd for this card for my brother in law (fortunately he does have a good sense of humour and liked it.)
I imported the image and one of the backing papers into CAP2 and created a topper, by making faux matting and layering with a red square and "embossing" the various parts of the topper to make it appear in relief.  Added another sentiment from the cd on the topper.  Added my own greeting and the "Dave" which again was faux embossed.   I printed the whole thing onto photopaper.  This really brought out the embossing etc.  (I was surprised by how much - I had originally printed the image out inadvertently on plain card).
I then imported one of the inserts from the cd into CAP2.  The original layout was in landscape, but with a little bit of jiggling and I transformed it to the right layout for the card.

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