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Friday, 14 June 2013

Experimenting With An Idea - Part 2.....

On the 10th June I showed you some flowers that I had made with cloud clay.   This is what I did with them.

Trying to copy something Sheena Douglass had done - I painted a canvas (though I wasn't happy with it as you will discover), and also gave the flowers and some leaves I also made with cloud clay a lick of acrylic paint.  Although the sky was too dark - I did manage to try out the technique with the stencil brush in lifiting off the paint for the clouds!

First layout idea with basic painting on flowers etc.
I then got out my pebeo paints and did a bit of "paint fusion" on the flowers, leaves and the butterfly (i.e. double loaded brush)

Next Step

As I said I wasn't happy with the canvas, and these first two were just playing around with the ideas as they formed, before I changed the canvas:

Getting there
Ah - my idea of a black canvas worked, but it is not finished yet.....
I added some gold gilding wax to the stamped images:
Finished Canvas - picture 1

It was very difficult to capture the real effect of the gilding wax - so here is a picture taken in the sun (yes we did have some today!).   The picture still doesn't do it justice.  The gilding really makes the cloud clay elements pop and look like metal!

Finished Canvas - Picture 2 (taken in sunshine)
and in case you missed the original post - this is how the flowers started out  - stamped into cloud clay and cut out.   The butterfly was made with a cake decorating plunge cutter.
And finally - another picture taken indoors last night - trying to capture the gilding and the metallic look of the finished piece.    Unfortunately it hasn't quite caught the 3D element that it has in real life!
I really am chuffed out how this experiment has turned out - I shall be doing more like this!


Jacqueline said...

I cannot believe the difference just by changing the background and then adding the gilding wax!! Wow! It's gorgeous.

Jackie x

Linda Simpson said...

WOW this is fantastic! Love these stamps myself and what a difference the background makes.

Linda xxx

Fiona C said...

The black background definitely the best - fabulous - loving the cloud clay and stamps my mad scientist pal ;-) xxx

Karen Petitt said...

Saw this on FB - gorgeous! Karen x