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Monday, 26 August 2013


As I had to remove these pots from the windowsill to get to the curtains on my landing to wash them, I decided to give them a makeover.
They were both purple before, which matched my cloakroom colours some years ago.   The one on the left was always purple, but the one on the right had been a natural sort of cream colour, which I had painted with just some emulsion to compliment the bought one, some years ago.
I decided to do a paint fusion job on them and change the colours to match the decor and curtains!
As you can see the one above has a relief image on the pot, so I attempted to recreate the grapes and vine in the fusioning.  I even applied a little matching paint to the top of the plantpot inside the planter.

This one was just a smooth finish, so I opted for a few random paint fusioned roses and leaves.  It has certainly given the pots a new lease of life and the look really good in situ.

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