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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Another Slate Heart

I took advantage of the sunny weather yesterday and ventured to the Den for a play, and to top up on some free Vitamin D!

I still had a couple of slate hearts in my stash, so decided to play with one of those, with no particular  plan in mind.   I used Sheena's A Little Bit Sketch - Flower Power set of stamps. 

I realised I didn't have an ink pad up in the Den, so undeterred I tried a quick experiment.  I put a drop of white titanium on my craft sheet, and with a little water spread it out thinly and then put stamp in it and stamped on the slate with it! - success!  (I was good and wiped the stamp clean immediately!).

I initially painted the flowers with primary elements and the medium that comes with them, but of course being on the black background they didn't show up that well, so they were over-painted, having mixed the primary elements with white acrylic.   I then added the freehand painted leaves and little daisies.    I then added some little sprays of white dots using a cocktail stick, but didn't like the effect, so continued by adding dots all over the heart.  With the white paint and a cocktail stick I added the details to the flowers and leaves.  I found this easier than trying to get a fine line with a paintbrush.  Finally a spray of CC Spray and Shine.

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