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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hibiscus Revamp

Inspired by watching Sheena Douglass this morning, I decided to re-vamp one of my cloud clay pictures this afternoon.
As you can see from the next picture the original "play" was created using the hibiscus stamp, which was painted with acrylic paints.   I wanted to "bling it up a bit" and initially used some gilding wax.  I still wasn't really happy with it - and it was in the Den awaiting some inspiration,
Well today was the day I decided to repaint it using the Luminarte Primary Elements.  I wasn't sure if they would work over the gilding wax - but Yes, they worked.   It really has brought the picture to life.
Below is another photo taken with the flash, which has caught the "bling" of the mica a bit better.  It still doesn't reflect the effect that you get in the flesh so to speak.

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