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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Button Box

I managed to get up in the Den today.  Weather wasn't quite as nice as yesterday, but managed to apply the gesso in the sunshine this morning and then add the paint effects this afternoon (although had to keep coming indoors to use the heat gun to speed up the drying process!).
This Button Box is for my daughter-in-law and she wanted cream and gold; and having seen my box she wanted a crackle effect.  The faux crackle on my box was done with stazon, but I didn't have a gold inkpad.  So this was done with acrylic gold and bronze, using two of Andy Skinner's crackle effect stamps.   Not so much a "crackle" finish, more an "antique" finish, and personally I rather like the effect.  (Thankfully she seems to like it too, although she hasn't seen it in the "flesh", which is actually slightly lighter than the picture.)
The edges had gold and old gold (more bronze really) gilding wax applied to them.  The top of the box lent itself to the look of a button, so I applied bronze acrylic with the rubber end of a pencil for button holes, and then applied some liquid pearls, and when dry a touch of the old gold gilding wax.  Finally it had a coat of CC Spray and Shine.

Friday, 25 October 2013


I needed new necklaces to go with a top, so had a little play last night.  I do love the snowflake beads.  I made the burgundy and silver one first, and then decided to try a gold one with pearls.  For this one I have also added little 4mm crystals.   Really pleased with the effect of both.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Guardian Angel Charms

Had a lovely day on Saturday as I went to the Big Bead Show at Sandown with my daughter and eldest granddaughter.   Of course I spent too much!   I had a list, but a few extras seem to have got bought too.  Some purchases were duplicated as I bought some Christmas presents!

When I got home I played with some of the items that WERE on my list and had a play making these little Guardian Angel charms.  They are all a bit different as I wanted to see which ones I preferred.

first selection
I like the one on the right best.  The other two need to be remade - taking out the bead between the heart and wings on the left-hand one, and ditto with the middle one, and putting the larger wings on instead.

second selection
I love the glass wings on the one on the left, and the little wings go perfectly with the faceted bead angel on the right.

Two Anniversaries

This weekend has seen two anniversaries - the Golden Wedding of a neighbours with whom we have been friends for over 60 years.

and the second was my daughter and son-in-laws 13th Anniversary.
Both created in CAP2.  However, I did add some Glossy Accents to the cards -to the 50 in the top card and the three panels in the bottom one.  I also added a little diamante to the jewelled element on the ribbon in the top card.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Knitting - me knitting?

Well those that know me know I don't DO knitting.  However, my mate Sassie was visiting last week, and had brought her knitting with her - so of course I was "guilted" into doing some!
Well talk about a nightmare - the first angel pocket I attempted was a complete and utter failure - I just couldn't get the decreasing right - goodness knows why as it was a very simple pattern, and I CAN knit; it is just not my favourite thing to do!
Well they say a bad workmen blames his tools - but having found some different wool and started again, we decided that it was the wool that was causing the problem!
So here we are my first angel pocket and hat for a premmie baby.  (Sassie managed to knit 8 in the time it took me to knit one - ok that included the one I had three attempts at and then undid!)
Well I wasn't completely happy with the finished result, as I tend to knit rather loosely.  Undeterred once Sassie had gone home, I had another go, on smaller needles, and also amending the pattern slightly for the increasing and decreasing.   Found it much easier with my amendment, and managed to start this on one evening, and finish it by lunchtime next day!  I even crocheted the little butterfly embellishment on it!

I shall now make some more in different colours.   These little items are being made for charity, and will go to a central point and be distributed to whichever hospital needs them most.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Cheers Dude

Card created in CAP2 using Bloke Digikit for my great nephew who has just started at Uni!

Friday, 11 October 2013

A few cards and some crafting in the Den

I have been a bit lax posting recently.  Do have a slight excuse as had a hiccup health-wise, and also had my pal Sassie to visit.  Mainly to keep an eye on me and make sure I didn't overdo things! 

I did manage a bit of crafting whilst she was here, and we made some cards and we managed an afternoon in the Den.

my card for a crafting pal's ruby wedding

Sassie's card for same pal

card for another crafting pal's birthday - using Zentangle cd

New Home card for great niece

Card for a Nephew's birthday

Enamelled ashtray for my hubby

Sassie's canvas for her bedroom, using Cloud Clay

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Paverpol Figurine Part 3

Here she is ........

........ introducing Grace:

Although she was created to stand on my dressing table to take jewellery, couldn't resist taking this photo of her in the rockery.  The Jury is out as to whether she will end up on the dressing table or become an ornament elsewhere!
She was painted using metallic acrylic as well as Primary Elements (mix of purple and red for her dress).  Her hair was a sort of bronze colour, using a mixture of colours.
I also used gilding wax on her "body" and the base to create the illusion of bronze, as well as silver gilding wax on her stole, in addition to the silver acrylic.  She was finished off with spray and shine, and also iridescent spray and sparkle (although it doesn't show up in the photo as the sun had gone in!)
Here are a few more photos of her (She stands about 20 inches tall):

rear view

A little memory page of the stages.
Shame it is getting too cold to work in the Den this year.  Definitely think I need to make more of these and start getting commissions!   I am really enjoying working in this medium.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Paverpol Figurine Part 2

Here she is at second stage.  Dress created from t-shirt material, and a little lace; and her stole from a dishcloth.  Next stage will be some painting and some gilding.

My daughter's ballerina with handkerchief skirt
Another view of my figurine

Some of the other figures created in the workshop (the male one is Bob Marley)

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Paverpol Figure - Part 1

I suddenly realised tonight that I hadn't put a picture up of the Paverpol figure that I am making in a workshop.
This is part 1 - It will be dressed next week in the workshop and then I will paint it.  Eventually it will be a stand for my dressing table and will hold my necklaces.  I am thinking of doing a dress with a bustle for her.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A Bracelet and a Mask

I have been practising some new knots, and decided to make a bracelet.  Colours aren't brilliant in the photo - rattail is pink and purple, and the beads are purple hematite.  I like the knots on the end of the bracelet instead of beads, they don't catch so easily.

This is the mask my eldest granddaughter made.  I love the colour blue and green metallic acrylic mixed together.  The flowers were stamped out of Cloud Clay using cake decorating cutters, and then painted.  The eyes and mask were edged with silver gilding wax.