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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Knitting - me knitting?

Well those that know me know I don't DO knitting.  However, my mate Sassie was visiting last week, and had brought her knitting with her - so of course I was "guilted" into doing some!
Well talk about a nightmare - the first angel pocket I attempted was a complete and utter failure - I just couldn't get the decreasing right - goodness knows why as it was a very simple pattern, and I CAN knit; it is just not my favourite thing to do!
Well they say a bad workmen blames his tools - but having found some different wool and started again, we decided that it was the wool that was causing the problem!
So here we are my first angel pocket and hat for a premmie baby.  (Sassie managed to knit 8 in the time it took me to knit one - ok that included the one I had three attempts at and then undid!)
Well I wasn't completely happy with the finished result, as I tend to knit rather loosely.  Undeterred once Sassie had gone home, I had another go, on smaller needles, and also amending the pattern slightly for the increasing and decreasing.   Found it much easier with my amendment, and managed to start this on one evening, and finish it by lunchtime next day!  I even crocheted the little butterfly embellishment on it!

I shall now make some more in different colours.   These little items are being made for charity, and will go to a central point and be distributed to whichever hospital needs them most.

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