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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Ceramic Painting

During the half-term holiday we visited the Ceramic Shack, a little shop in town, and did some ceramic painting (another first for me).
I had great fun painting these two mugs (they actually have names on them, but are hidden at mo as they are Christmas presents).
I sponged the paint on for the backgrounds, and then painted the roses on the turquoise mug, adding a bit of detail to the petals, and also outlining in grey (as per lessons I have learned in paint fusion).
The red mug was kept fairly simple, and the swirls etc are made using shaped wire affixed to wooden "pencils" .   Think I will have to make some of these up for use with my paint fusioning!

I enjoyed it so much I am going to go back and do some more, and hopefully try some paint fusion techniques next time - now that I know what I am doing!


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Fiona C said...

That red one is particularly fab xx