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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Knotted Macramé Christmas Tree

My daughter posted a link to an idea from a Scouting website on facebook last night.  Well .... I had all this cord that I had bought in the Beader's Companion sale, and thought - oo must try that.
There were no instructions on the link, but a bit of googling came up with some instructions elsewhere!  The instructions were for all green trees, but I had to be a bit more adventurous and make a "pot" for the tree.  I have some brown cord too, so might try that at the bottom as a trunk.  Brain is now in overdrive, and I am thinking of trying different coloured trees - perhaps a white one?
It is 2" from top of loop to base - so would actually make some fun earrings.
Thanks for popping by.

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