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Monday, 11 November 2013


As it is Remembrance Day today, I thought I would share a Memory Page I did in CAP2.  The background of this page is actually a drawing my father-in-law Ron did whilst in the Army.  I am not sure if it was when he was in Burma, it might have been when he was in Africa.
The soldier is a self-portrait and I note he only has lance-corporal stripes on his arm - later on in the war he was a Colour Sergeant, which is why I think it might have been earlier.  The "Steady" in the bottom corner refers to his Regiment "Steady The Buffs"!    My mother-in-law kept this picture in her dairy in her handbag always.
The photo on the left is of my husband's maternal grandfather who was killed in WW1.  We knew nothing much about Sydney and had no photos, but through my genealogy research I made contact with cousins in New Zealand, whose line we knew nothing about, and vice versa.  In their collection of photos was this one of Sydney, which he had sent to his sister!  The magic of the internet!
This I do know was written and sent from Burma and was kept with the drawing above.

and finally - my header for FB this weekend, which includes a photo of Sydney's grave in Flanders.

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