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Friday, 22 November 2013

Wire Frangel (Fairy/Angel)

Finished Angel
At the beginning of the week I went on a Wire Fairy/Angel Course with my daughter and daughter-in-law,  run locally by MakeHorsham  (http://makehorsham.wordpress.com/).  Apparently on last year's workshop they decided to call them Frangels!  Therefore I have name my Angel Fran!
We had a lovely evening, even though for some reason I wasn't in the mood for being creative.  Non of us finished our angel that evening, and as I wasn't really happy with what I had done, I started her again almost from scratch.
Originally we wound masking tape over the wires and the fleece that formed the body.   When I got home, I would some micropore tape over the top of the masking tape, and then using a dusting brush, gave it a bit of flesh colour with some pink chalks, as well as her face.
My original angel didn't have a very long dress, and the sleeves were made separately, so I redrew the pattern, incorporating some sleeves.  Being at home I had the use of my sewing machine, instead of hand-sewing everything, so before sewing up the dress I applied some gold ribbon.  However, I did hand-gather her net underskirt!
Her coat was made from some net curtain tie backs.
Her hair was shaped but needle-felting it to the cotton ball head, and some diamante and an ornate jewellery finding glued on to create a tiara.  I then glued on some daisy ribbon to her dress, and attached a chiffon ribbon bow.  Her shoes were created  with a gold promarker pen and a small diamante added.
Finally I took some jewellery wire and some large seed beads, and created a halo and some wings.  (I would have used smaller seed beads, but it was such a nightmare trying to thread them on the wire, that I swopped to the large ones!)
Hope you like her!

Back of Angel

I am half tempted to make some little choirboys to go with her - my mum and I used to make them many moons ago with table tennis ball heads and a cone of cardboard covered with felt  (it was probably a Blue Peter idea originally, but I can't remember!).

Finally - I created a Christmas Card from the top photo using CAP2.  I took her into cut-out studio and took out the background.  I then put her into a bauble, using a free snow globe kit from:
and the other elements were from a kit by:
 http://waterloproject.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Advent%20Factory.  Do check them out.
Thanks for dropping by.

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