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Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine Day Birthdays - Cards and Cake

Today sees two family birthdays, my daughter-in-law and my eldest granddaughter (daughter's daughter). Just for a change I made a card without using CAP2 and got the Grand Calibur and some dies out!

This second  card is for my eldest granddaughter.  Originally she wanted a cake like a scrabble board for her birthday - so I designed this in CAP2, with the intention of getting it printed on icing locally.  She then decided that she just wanted a cake looking like a scrabble tile - phew - much easier - as you will see below.  However, I decided that I would use my design for her birthday card!

Here is the cake:

scrabble tile cake

This is the cake my granddaughter asked for.  Fairly simple, apart from the fact that making sponges in a square tin is very difficult, they mixture definitely prefers a round tin!.  The cake is chocolate sponge with vanilla buttercream inside.

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