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Monday, 3 March 2014

Dolls Bed Accessories

It is my youngest granddaughter's 2nd birthday tomorrow, and I have bought her some dolls bunk beds. They came with a mattress and a pillow, but I thought I would be nice to make some more bedding.  Well I didn't leave myself much time to make them.  The beds only arrived on Friday, and I was out all day Saturday, and all this afternoon!  and of course I hadn't even thought about the fact that being bunk beds, I would need to make two of everything - duh!

I set to on Friday and made a couple of  of little blankets.  Now you all know I am not a great knitter, so I thought as time was short I would use large needles and make them a bit lacy.
Yesterday I set about making some quilts/duvets.  I used a couple of fat quarters from my stash and made reversible ones, with a little appliqued heart on them, to compliment the heart on the bunk beds.   Gosh it is ages since I have done any sewing in earnest, even though I had a new machine last year.  Of course I had forgotten how it worked (things are in a different place to my old 50 yr old one!).

As you will see I also made a couple of sheets - using an old sheet that I no longer use, adding a little lace and ribbon on the top edge.
one side of duvets

reverse side of duvets
Finally, here are a couple of pictures of the finished bedding in the bunk beds.  I have shown them as being different quilts, but as I mentioned they are reversible, so she can have them matching if she wants.  At least it gives her a bit of choice.  When I have more time, I will try and make some more bits - perhaps a proper patchwork quilt, and perhaps some matching covers for the mattresses and pillows.

As you will see the heart applique, matches the hearts on the end of the bunk beds.

Considering how little time I had, together with learning how to use the sewing machine again, am quite pleased with how they turned out.  Fingers crossed she likes her present and has fun playing with them.  No doubt her big sisters will have as much fun too.

Update: She loved her present! and so did her big sisters!

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Ita O'Byrne O'Keeffe said...

Mags they are super,she will love them