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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Crafty Day

My eldest granddaughter visited today, as her mum had to go into teach extra lessons (yes it is the school holidays!)

When I was at the Big Bead Show, Dizzy-Di was demonstrating these hot fix bracelets, so I purchased the necessary components, and Ellie and I made these two today.  Not perfect - but not bad for first efforts!

Ellie's Bracelet

My Bracelet

Both Bracelets (you can see the macrame fastening in this photo)

We also spent some time in the Den, I was mainly doing boring stuff like applying Gesso on items I need to paint.  Meanwhile Ellie had brought a new watercolour painting kit with her, and painted these two little pictures. I think they are great - wish I could draw like that when I was 12, well actually wish I could draw like that now!  I love the first one.

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