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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Experimenting with Cake Lace

I kept seeing pictures of beautiful cake lace, and wanted to have a try, and I have to confess my first attempts were a bit useless, and the lace broke.

Undeterred I put the random bits on a sponge I made myself for Mother's Day.  It was only my hubby and I eating it so it didn't matter (although visiting granddaughter did help!)

I then tried some ready-made lace paste, which was another failure, as I found it much too hard to spread! Naturally I was a bit miffed, as the molds and the paste are not cheap!

Oops Cake Lace!

A cake decorating pal saw this effort on FB, and we had a discussion about Cake Lace, as she had used it a lot, but not the products I had tried.  Bless her she sent me some of her paste in the post - and voila ! - success - I achieve a lovely flexible piece of lace. (the sample she sent me was silver coloured paste).  I was so pleased as I was determined not to be beaten by the technique. 

Naturally I had to knock up a quick sponge again this weekend to show off the lace, and to prove that I had mastered the technique!  (However, please ignore the dreadful choc coating on the top of the cake!)

successful cake lace.

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