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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Sunshine ....

... and a chance to play in the Den.

revisiting paint fusion -  painted pebble
 I need to redo this pebble, don't like the composition of the roses - need to bring the bottom one forward.

Pencil Holder
My daughter in law has been painting one of my granddaughters bedrooms, and she got some gorgeous scabious and butterfly wall art stickers.  I had already got this little pencil holder lined up to paint for her - so thought I would attempt to paint a scabious freehand.  (fortunately I had the photo of the stickers and some
real flowers in the garden).  I wasn't sure whilst painting it whether I had got the effect right - so am pretty pleased with the result for a first attempt.  (Maybe - just maybe I can actually say that I can paint now!)

pencil holder - another view

Do you remember the faux leather altered art tin?  Well I have had another play with it  I added some strips of terracotta Cloud Clay around the edge and then marked it to look like rope and added gilding wax.  I also added some gilding wax to the Cloud Clay stamped medalliont I made, and attached it to the top.  (I have also now lined the inside of the box)

another view - you can see the gilding wax on the medallion on this. 

and finally - I had a little practice play with my gallery glass.  I want to use it on some of the Den windows, but thought I would practise on something simple to start with.  So here is an "art deco" styled vase (aka a coffee jar!).  I have decided that I need to treat myself to some larger bottle of glass paint, ad my coloured paints are only in little tubs and they are quite difficult to use to fill in the areas, whereas the bottles seem to be more free flowing and have a nice fine nozzle.  (just hoping IMindoors understands my need to spend more money!)

practice glass vase

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