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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Experimenting Again - Mixed Media ....

...   with a Vengeance!

Top View

Well I got carried away with this project!   It started off as a metal cigarette tin.

A sheet of Pebeo cotton canvas was painted with blue and green metallic acrylics (non Pebeo)and then run through a Sheena Douglass embossing folder.  

It is too difficult to get the canvas to stick to all of the top of the tin, so the edges had a mix of Pebeo modelling paste (relief paste) and gesso applied to them, and then painted with the metallic acryllic paints as before.

Painted canvas was then cut up and stuck to the tin on the top and sides with pva glue.  Everything was then over-painted with Fantasy Prisme paint in turquoise, and the leaves picked out with Pebeo Ceramic leaf green.  (I am not too happy with the result - think I should have used the Vitrail Glass Paint.)  I also lost some of the depth of the embossing in the glueing process, which didn't help with the painting of the leaves.

Another View showing side

I made various flowers in Cloud Clay, using a daisy cutter.  I used white, and blue mixed with white Cloud Clay.   I shaped the blue ones with a modelling tool for one, and also cutting the petals in half and using a modelling tool for the other one.  The centres were also made in white paste, and textured with a cocktail stick.   When dry the flowers were painted with Fantasy Prisme Turquoise and Yellow Vitrail for the centres.  As an experiment, I used my airbrush and some Culpitt white airbrush colour.  (I bought this this week,  as our little local shop couldn't work out why you would want white airbrush colour! - so I offered to try it out!  - I can see it being useful on coloured paste/icing.  It will also be interesting to see how ti works when mixed with other colours. )  It has just given a sort of speckled effect as obviously the enamel repelled it slightly.  It would be different on a matt surface.  I sealed it with a spot of Spray and Shine.

I also made leaves from a mix of blue and green Cloud Clay, and these were painted with a mix of Prisme turquoise and Vitrail Chartreause Green.

So there we have it - a real "Mixed Media" project!

Close up of Flowers

I also had a little play with an odd piece of card left over from making butterflies the other day, and ran it through another of Sheena's embossing folders, and then painted the dragon fly with drops of turquoise and pink Fantasy paints, and some red Vitrail.

Thanks for dropping by.

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