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Tuesday, 17 June 2014


The sun shone today, so after trips to hospital and a stroll around Sainsbury's for fresh fruit and veg, I managed a little play in the Den, before mowing the lawns (should add here not a good idea to mow the lawns as I have a cracked rib - but desperately needed doing and it was garden bin night - and of course nobody else to do it!)

Pleased with these two .I used Pebeo Fantasy pants at base of the bezels. A mix of two purples on the lefthand one,  I then put some oyster colour on a little metal heart shape, and added a small watch wheel, and tried to get it to sit on the purples.  However, this didn't quite wor - the heart sank and the colour floated off the heart, although the little watch wheel stayed on top.  But what the heck - I preferred the random finish to it.    The Blue one was just using one colour, and adding a daisy picked from the lawn before it came to an unlucky fate with the lawn mower!

Both bezels were then sealed with my favourite UV resin product. (Lisa Pavelka Magic Glos).  This is a fantastic product which requires no mixing and you just apply it direct from the nozzle on the bottle, and leave in the sun to dry.  Take less than 30 mins to set to touch dry.

This canvas was my second "Experiment".  Most of you will know that my first love is cake decorating, and I had this idea in my head of trying one of my favourite techniques of Brush Embroidery in a different medium.  
Well ignoring the composition which was a bit naff -(but that wasn't the object of the experiment) - it sort of worked.  I need to make the paint a little thicker.  

Basically I stamped the flowers and leaves on the canvas with grey Stazon, and then made some tiny piping bags (and I mean tiny) and squeezed some acrylic paint into them.  The flowers and leaves were then outlined, and with a damp brush the outlines were brushed toward the centre.  The leaves then had some over-piping on them.  The darker flower were just brushed out with water, and the lighter ones were piped in white, and then brushed out with a bit of the darker colour on the paintbrush.  I also stamped and cut out a flower from card and applied the same technique to that and then added it with some pinflair glue.  (This is the one with the shadow behind it in the centre of the picture.

I realise that I need to add some thickening medium into the paint, as it was a little on the thin side, but of course that is all part of experimenting.  I also think I might try some sort of texturing medium in with the gesso on the background next tie, and then scribe the shapes into it.  

I also want to try doing something similar with outliner and either the Pebeo fantasy paints or glass paints - so watch this space!

Thanks for popping by.

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