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Sunday, 22 June 2014

MDF Butterflies and Pebeo

Yes I have been playing with my PEBEO goodies again.   I had a set of three MDF butterflies that I bought back in February at Farnborough Craft Show, which were waiting for me to do something with.

Large Butterfly

I started the large butterfly yesterday (and it was a tad daunting as it is quite large).  I started by drawing some outlines with Cerne relief and filling them in with Fantasy paints.   It looked a bit regimented to me today - so then decided to "go with the flow" - Literally  - and just drop colour into the rest of the areas.

The red in the lower wings was crimson Vitrail glass paint, with fantasy paints dropped into it and left to do their magic.

Medium Butterfly
I kept the theme of the red Vitrail in the bottom wings and mixed glitter medium into it, although you can't really see it when I added the fantasy paints into it!  Anyway I can assure you that if you put a drop of the glitter medium on surface and then swirl the glass paint into it - the glitter medium will take on the colour of the glass paint you are using.  You can also mix it into the Fantasy paints to get flex of glitter in that too.  I did add it to some of the pink Fantasy paints, but it isn't showing up to well.

This one reminds me of fabric.

Small Butterfly
Very similar to Medium Butterfly,  Glitter mixed into the red glass paint - think you can just see it if you enlarge the picture, and then drops of glitter paint dropped into it.  The top wings are reverse of the effect in the medium butterfly where I used blue on pink, and this one used pink on blue (at least I think that is the right way round).  I do know I did the opposite!)

and here is how I did it all in a little more more depth:   You also get the perspective of the three different sizes.

Thanks for dropping by - hope you like my efforts.

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Jan Ltc said...

They are gorgeous xx Jan