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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Still Experimenting with PEBEO

I am such a lucky lady to get to play and experiment with a whole lot of goodies.  I have been playing in the Den over the past couple of days, and having such fun.

To save me having to keep writing out what I did I put the pictures of the items into CAP2 and wrote up what I had done.  (Actually I have been very good for once - I normally just "create" and then forget what I used, so I have put to good use a little altered art book I made, and am writing down what I have done as I do it!)

I have to apologise for the first two pictures as there are some typing errors, which I failed to see and didn't correct - unfortunately I didn't save the project in CAP so can't rectify the mistakes without starting all over again - so as the saying goes "bear with" !  Remember you can click on the photos to make them larger so that you can read what is written.
First Play to see what products I had received

The Phospherescent Gel said it glowed in the dark (haven't checked on it in the dark yet).  Bit out of my comfort zone doing an abstract sort of composition, but I think something like this would be quite good for a lad's bedroom.  I am calling it "Planets".  Would probably look good with a few gilding flakes added too.
Playing with Phosphorescent GelI

I had an idea in my head that I watned to create a "Tree of Life" on canvas - like the ones that are done with wire.  I confess I didn't quite work - I should have done it on a circular piece of MDF or similar and then added resin to encapsulate it - but sometimes you need to record your failures!

Tee of Life Experiment

Well that was yesterday.  I think I was lacking in inspiration a tad, maybe because I have been in a bit of pain with a cracked rib!  Anyway when I hit the sack last night, ideas suddenly were popping into my head - Why do they do that when you want to go to sleep?   Of course this morning I couldn't remember half of them,, but I did remember this one -  In my goody package, I had a pad of cotton canvas sheets, and wondered if they could be embossed ......

...well yes they CAN and the effect is fab!

Embossing on Canvas 1

To get a comparison with the effects on a plain canvas and on a painted one - I prepared the other half of the canvas with metallic paint - oh WOW!   Having played with the different effects on the leaves, I have chosen the effect I like best and am going to prepare some sheets and apply them to a project - they are so flexible, they will be like material. It reminds me of oilcloth.  (so watch this space!)

Embossing on Canvas 2

and finally, I had a play with an "Art Nouveau" piece, using the coffee jar we had just emptied!  I didn't have any Pebeo Liquid Leading in my goodies, so used my Martha Stewart Gallery Glass one.  It was a little thick for the effect I wanted, and let's be honest I am not very good at free-hand drawing, I was using inspiration from a Sharon Duncan cd)   (yes ok I know I should have printed the image to the correct size and put it inside the jar, but why make my life easy!)   The red is Pebeo Vitril red glass paint, and the black squares are filled with Pebeo Ceramic black paint.

Art Nouveau Coffee Jar

Thanks for popping by.  I hope I have inspired you with my experimenting and you will try some of the ideas out yourself - particularly embossing canvas paper and painting it - you will love the result!

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