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Monday, 14 July 2014

Cloud Clay Figure - Self Portrait?

We had a demonstration at Sugarcraft Club the other week on figure modelling.   Having purchased one of the books written by our demonstrator, I decided to try my hand at figure modelling a person in Cloud Clay.

Well this is the result!  She is a bit wobbly, and her legs went a bit funny with the weight and the heat of the day, although she does have a kebab stick through one leg and up to her head!  But not bad for a first effort, and she is supposed to be a funny old lady!   Making her in sugar would have been a lot easier, as you have to stick the pieces together with sugar glue, whereas Cloud Clay sticks to itself and often in places you don't want it to stick!

More practise needed - on a day that isn't so hot and humid, or else revert to making flowers in Cloud Clay, and leave the figure modelling to the sugar version !  

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