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Friday, 4 July 2014

Deep Wooden Picture Frame

The box was primed with white Gesso, and then painted with brown acrylic, but I didn't like the effect, so it was then sponged with metallic acrylic paint in blue and green.  I do love the effect of the metallic paints.

Silver relief was applied for the detail, and filled with Fantasy Moon Ebony and Onyx.  I then overfilled the leaves with Pebeo black Ceramic paint, and dropped a bit of Pebeo Glitter Medium into the flower.

Pebeo silver gilding wax was applied to the base of the box, but the inside and outside edges of the top frame were painted with Silver Liquid Lead, for a more precise finish.  The inside of the box back was also painted with silver Liquid Leaf.

I tried to aim for an "Art Deco" look.  Not sure what I shall put in this box frame - maybe some artificial flowers or butterflies, or maybe I will make some from sugar or Cloud Clay.  Again, I am quite pleased with my effort.

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