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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Experimenting with an abstract canvas

Experiment with Pebeo glass paints, ceramic paints and fantay paints
Out of my comfort zone again!  In my samples from Pebeo, I had a few glass paints (vitrail) - green, red and yellow; some ceramic paints - pearl, green and black, a bottle of lightening medium and a bottle of gliter medium.  I wanted to try and create something just using those colours - although I also added in some of the fantasy prisme paints from my stash.  (I did have some Prisme and Moon Fantasy paints in my samples, but they are mixed up with my stash now and can't remember which are which without having a mega sort out - lol!)

The Pebeo canvas was painted with yellow and green vitrail, and then I dipped a brush into lightening medium and painted some swirl through the paint - I think you can just about make out the lighter swirls.

I then painted on some red vitrail and black ceramic squiggles with the handles of the paint brush.  I also added some glitter medium on top of these - again with handle an then stropped som random splodges of the medium over the canvas.  (I have since remembered that I was going to drop some glitter flakes into the background - but I forgot - think I was too absorbed in what I was doing to remember - oh well another time!)

The little dots that look like "eyeballs" were created with white ceramic, with black ceramic dropped into them.

The splodges toward the top were created with one of my green Prisme paints, which I swirled with paintbrush handle and created the random shapes, they then had pearl ceramic dropped into them, then green vitrail and glitter medium.

The lower splodges were pearl Prisme with the green prisme dropped into them in a few places, but as you can see they didn't disperse in same manner.  The centre green splodges had red vitrail and glitter medium dropped into them.

The two middle splodges were green prisme with red vitrail and then glitter medium dropped into them - at last that's how I think I did them - must do a practise one to check!  just love the way they have dispersed!  I fancy a piece of jewellery with that effect!

Finally I went around the edge of the canvas with red vitrail mixed with glitter medium.

I have as work in progress an acetate butterfly that I have painted with vitrail and ceramic paints - if it looks ok when it is dry I may add it to the canvas.     ......Watch this space!

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