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Monday, 14 July 2014

More from my Pebeo Experimental Day

Firstly here is the picture I shared yesterday, but with an acetate butterfly added  Butterfly was stamped with Stazon, and the back of the acetate painted with red glass paint, and when dry over-painted with prisme rose.  It needed something behind the glass paint to give it some depth.

This next experiment was a piece of Pebeo canvas, embossed and then painted with pearl ceramic paint.  When dry the flowers were picked out with various mediums, vitrail glass paints, and Fantasy Prisme and Moon paints

Same canvas with another butterfly added

  This canvas had a very light coat of Pebeo Prisme colours painted over it a pearl colour to start with, and then a light brush of green across the top hanging flowers section.  The larger butterflies and dragonflies were then outlined with Pebeo relief liner.  When dry, the butterflies and dragonflies, were painted with various Prisme colours, with some glass paints dropped into them.  It actually looks better in real life, as the glass paints meld more into the Prisme.

Finally another experiment on acetate.   The acetate was embossed, and then painted with red Vitrail glass paint.   The ivy leaves were then painted with either green Vitrail or Prisme paints.  I also used some glitter medium on some of the leaves.  The Stems were then picked out with relief liner in gold.

I haven't decied what I will do with these experimental pieces, but the point of the exercise was just to see what effects I could achieve.

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