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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A little Miscellany - cards and Loom Bands

Life seems to have overtaken me recently as mentioned in my last post, what with the big "0" party, visitors, my actual birthday, medical and dental matters, and then to add into the mix the  hospitalisation of my son-in-law with a burst appendix and peritonitis, so I have failed to blog.  So here is a little catch up!

Card for son-in-law to go with his cake

card for a brother-in-law

Card for sick son-in-law

Whilst her mum was on anytime visiting, I had my granddaughter on a couple of days, and she taught me how to make some loom band charms.   We made a little dress each and an initial:

my efforts on right 

We then decided to make a couple of bracelets, in a technique we had already learned, but this time, using double bands for the edge to make it firmer.  It worked really well..  Shall do it this way again.

Granddaughter's Bracelet

My bracelet

Also used the bands for some french knitting, to make this key fob, to which I added the dress I made earlier.
handbag charm

and another little bit of french knitting, using our young visitor's gadget

and finally my clever granddaughter, made this cover for her i-phone.  Brilliant isn't it!  Even the "button" fastening was incorporated into the weaving design, and I love the pointed flap.

I-phone cover

Thanks for dropping by.  Now to upload some more bits on next edition!

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