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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Birthday Celebrations

I have been a bit lax this past week with the blog, but it has been such a busy week.  A big "0" birthday tea party last Sunday, friends to stay, days out and an emergency visit to dentist to have a tooth removed, as I had split the root to name but a few things.

Anyway, I will attempt to catch up.

This post is all about the cakes I made for our big birthday tea party, when my daughter, daughter-in-law and I catered for about 120 guests!

My daughter's 40th sponge birthday cake 
My daughter actually had a birthday cake on her birthday earlier this year, (you may recall the minion cake).  So I made a simple victoria sponge with a handmade, airbrushed rose, and buttercream swirly roses around the sides.

Son-in-law's 50th Birthday Cake

My son-in-law is an avid steam train enthusiast, and also has a few quirky gnomes in his garden, thus the theme of his cake.  I designed the topper in CAP2 and had it printed on sugarpaste at Simply Topps, which just happens to be situated about a mile from us.  His cake is a rich fruit cake, with Royal Icing.

My70th Cake

I knew I wanted sugar butterlies and Marguerites on my cake, and at the beginning of last month I won the sugar dough elephant made by one of the country's top demonstrators (Jan Clement-May) in our raffle at Sugarcraft Club.  I just knew he had to go on the top of my cake.  I just added the piped 70.  I made all the sugar butterflies and the Marguerites.  This cake is ivory sugarpaste and again is a rich fruit cake.

Cup Cakes 

We decided I should make a few cupcakes for the children, and these were simple vanilla cupcakes, with buttercream swirls and I designed the three toppers in CAP2, and had them printed on ricepaper.

close up of the toppers

The cake buffet table

I also made a huge batch of marsbar crispie, and my daughter made some lemon drizzle and carrot cake tray bakes.

I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse of my creations.  More to follow of the week's activities on another day.

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