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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Fairy Fae

My daughter bought me a Paverpol kit for my birthday, and have at last got around to using it.   I knew what I wanted to do ever since I made my first Paverpol figurine a few months ago, as I knew we had an old shoe (or cobbler's) last in the garage.

First stage now complete - She just needs painting now

and this is some photos of the various stages of getting there:

The basic shape that came with the kit

Bulking out the shape with foil

First wrap with Paverpol

Experimenting with the shape of the wings I made

Almost done and sitting drying

Amazing what you can do with a bit of wire, some tin foil, some old T-shirt and some gauze swabs!  For the dress I cut out a vague leaf pattern in cardboard, and then roughly cut the shapes out of a cotton jumper.  Top of her skirt is an old honeycomb material dishcloth.   Wings are fashioned from florists wire wrapped with tape and a piece of gauze swab, I pinched from my husband's dressing pack!   Hair is twists of torn paverpol cotton squares, twisted into ringlets.

I am thinking I will turn her into an autumnal fairy - and paint her in bronze, gold and greens, as her skirt is "leaves".

.......   so watch this space for the finished painted piece.

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