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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

In the Den! - Mixed Media Painting

at last I have managed to spend an afternoon in the Den, and  ......

I have managed to produce my first ever painting in acrylics.  Actually  my first ever painting! - and mixed media to boot!

Now I do not profess to being an artist by any means, and have always said I can't paint for toffee, (I was bloomin' useless at school, and I definitely can't draw!)  but I decided to have a play to see what I could achieve..  (Well my pal bought me this lovely easel for my birthday, and I had to use it!  Would have been rude not to!)

After initially painting the blue sky and the sea base with a paint brush, I then only used a palette knife, and in a couple of places a sponge!

not too bad for a first ever attempt!

I only used the Pebeo colours that I had, plus I mixed some green Pebeo vitrail glass paint, and green ceramic paint in with the white acrylic for the bushes and trees, and some of the hill effects.

products I used

I also had a little experiment with Cloud Clay and Pebeo mixed media .   I stamped into the clay, then painted it with yellowand red glass paint.  I then added some Fantasy paints and outlined it with gold outliner. When I went to lift it off my craft mat, it distorted slightly as it wasn't dry - but I rather liked the effect.  Don't know what I am going to do with it yet - it was only an experiment - I might even cut the butterfly out.

Mixed media butterfly

Thanks for popping by, at least anything goes in the art world today!  lol!

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