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Monday, 15 September 2014

Paverpol Canvas

Followers of my blog may remember that last year I went on a Paverpol workshop and created a canvas.  Well I finally got around to creating a "partner" for it.

Bare Bones!

What the heck you are thinking what is that black creation?  Well it is a canvas covered in T-shirt material soaked in black paverpol liquid.  Butterflies and some of the flowers created from Cloud Clay, but there are some bought artificial paper and silk flowers there too.   The branch is created from some ribbon with a metallic edge, wrapped around silver foil, and then covered with some old dishcloth cotton

Finished Canvas
 The black canvas was then painted with acrylics and other mediums, and gilded with Pebeo Gilding Wax.  I didn't quite get the colours to match the original canvas, but they were never meant to be identical, just compliment each other.

Last year's original canvas on the left

New picture in situ on wall

Old picture on wall

Difficult to get picture of both of them together on the wall

Pretty pleased with my efforts, and glad I now have the pair up, as I had this in mind for the lounge, and the original canvas has been living in the hall waiting for its mate!

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Jan Ltc said...

These are all fab xx Jan