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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Black and White! (and Zentangle)

Zentangled box

I was tidying up on Monday, and came across a couple of zentangled shapes that I had done some time ago. Didn't think much more about them at the time, but then in bed that night - inspiration struck.  (why does inspiration always strike, just as you are nodding off to sleep?).  Well I suddenly thought Black and White, so on Tuesday I painted a little box I bough from the Works with Pebeo black Gesso, and Pebeo Studio Mars Black acrylic, and drew some more Zentangles for the other sides.

When dry, today,  painted the back of the zentangles with Pebeo Bindex Brilliant, and attached the zentangles, to the box, and over-painted the whole thing with the Bindex.

For the inside I cut some shapes from some fat quarters, that looked as though they had been "tangled too", and attached them with watered down pva, and then overpainted them with the same.  (I did think of using the Bindex, but wasn't sure how it would work with material.

Finally I have given it a coat of Crafters Companion Spray and Shine.  Probably needs a couple more coats tomorrow.

The inside

Photo of the inside isn't that brilliant, as the glue is still drying!

It does look better in real life than in the photos!  So I am quite pleased with the result.

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