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Friday, 19 December 2014

Purple Rabbit

My youngest granddaughter is apparently very keen on a programme on tv called Kat and Mim-Mim, and she wanted a Mim-Mim. (Unfortunately the merchandise for this new show is not due on sale until Mid 2015!)

No those that know me know that I don't DO knitting.  I can knit, but am not that good, apart from the fact that things don't grow quickly enough for me!

Anyway I promised to try and knit the purple rabbit requested   I found a pattern on Ravelry for a rabbit, and used that as the idea.   Now Mim Mim (not sure if she is a she or a he) wears flying goggles, as I gather she is a rabbit that can fly from the odd pictures I have seen.

As I didn't want the two-year old to keep whipping off (and losing the goggles) I crochet them, and then sewed them to the head.

Well he/she is not brilliant, and I realise I should have put a bit more stuffing in her head, but hey ho - too late now.   Hopefully my granddaughter will think she is ok  and you never know in many years hence she will become a family heirloom and be known as the funny bunny that great, great, great Nanny knitted back in 2014!    rofl!

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